Young Red Angus (Improving Foot Quality)

Hey guys, Jay Young here with Young Red Angus. Thank you so much for making us part of your day.

It is a cold and dreary day here in Kansas. Two weeks ago, we torched our bulls. This weekend, we photographed our bulls, and here pretty quickly, we’re going to take some videos for the sale. As I was going through the bulls and taking pictures and torching them having them out, it got me really excited about the foot quality. 

I decided to make a video to talk to you guys about the direction that Young Red Angus is going in the area of foot quality.

The reason I wanted to talk about foot quality today is that in our program, our cattle are on cover crops during the spring, summer, and fall. Then they’re on milo stocks or corn stocks. If you have any kind of structural issues, you’re going to notice it here in our program, and it’s something that we’ve really focused on.

To improve our foot quality, we have focused on the sires that we’re using, whether it’s a bull that we buy and purchase or whether it’s a bull that we AI to. For this year’s sale as an example, we’re going to be offering Bulls out of Ridge Admiral 3411, which is a bull that Milk Creek bought. Ridge Admiral is 10 years old, and he really has proven himself as a bull that is producing amazing females, and that’s why Bruce has gone back to him over and over again. It’s also the reason why we used this bull.

We also chose the bull that we raised at Young Red Agnus, YRA Sig Sauer 736-0104.  This is a bull that has amazing feet.  We sold him to Hegman Red Angus in 2021. We also used a bull that we raised called YRA Shoot First 5487-9112.  He has amazing feet with a good disposition.  Mushrush Blockchain E616, another proven sire.  We chose a Resource son called Ellington’s Chaps 4095, which is a black bull, he is going to give us an outcross, he has proven to make amazing females, and great feet. 

Another bull that we’ve been following, 5L Genuine 1603-195C, Frank Wedel purchase him, and that bull has proven to be a bull that produces calves with amazing feet, and Frank is pleased with the clean udders.  Lastly, we used 5L Real Deal 1687-143B. That’s a bull that we’ve used for a few years that we really liked the progeny out of, and has been a bull that’s producing calves with good feet.

Putting this big of a focus on feet hasn’t been the easiest thing in the world. It eliminates a lot of the sires that we can use just because we don’t know enough about their foot quality or we’ve heard things about their feet that aren’t positive. Because of our standards it really eliminates some of the bulls that we’re able to use. In the long run, it’s going to be something that really has a positive effect on our program and, therefore, will have a positive effect on our customers.

If solid foot structure is something that interests you?

Our bull sale starts on March 29 and ends on March 30. It is a 24-hour timed auction through DV Auctions, so you can bid on all the bulls at the same time to make sure that you get a bull that is going to work in your program.

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