Young Red Angus 5th Annual Bull Sale

The Much-Anticipated Event Returns

The highly regarded Young Red Angus ranch is thrilled to announce their 5th Annual Bull Sale. This event, renowned for its presentation of prime Red Angus bulls, is scheduled to occur later this season.

Famously recognized for its excellent livestock quality, Young Red Angus provides buyers with unmatched genetic power. The ranch’s commitment to sustainable breeding practices has made it a prominent player in the cattle industry.

What to Expect

At this year’s sale, an exceptional offering of both yearling and two-year-old Red Angus bulls will be available. These bulls have been carefully bred for calving ease, performance, and carcass quality, bringing together the best of Young Red Angus’ breeding program.

Equipped with complete performance data and genomic-enhanced EPDs, each bull exemplifies the superior breeding strategy employed by the ranch. This annual sale allows cattlemen to invest in prime genetics and boost their herd’s quality.

A Commitment to Quality

Young Red Angus takes immense pride in producing cattle that thrive in various environments. Their animals are bred for adaptability, resilience, and superior beef production. The bulls presented at this year’s sale are no exception.

With proven pedigrees and outstanding phenotypes, these bulls are certain to enhance any herd’s genetic potential. Young Red Angus’ focus on robust health protocols ensures that all sale bulls are ready to perform at their peak.

Cattle Industry Leadership

Leadership within the cattle industry is a badge worn proudly by Young Red Angus. The ranch continues to set a high bar in terms of quality, sustainability, and overall herd performance.

The continued success of their annual bull sale is a testament to this commitment. The sale not only benefits buyers but also contributes positively to the broader cattle industry.

Bridging Technology with Traditional Practices

While traditional breeding practices remain at the heart of Young Red Angus’ operations, the ranch has embraced modern technologies to enhance their program. This includes utilizing genomic testing and artificial insemination to maximize genetic potential.

The result is a line of bulls that melds the best of both worlds. They embody the ideal combination of time-honored breeding practices and state-of-the-art technological advancements.

Not Just a Sale, But an Experience

The annual bull sale is more than just a chance to purchase premium bulls. It is an event that brings together a community of ranchers, breeders, and cattle enthusiasts alike.

Beyond the sale ring, guests will enjoy a real ranch experience with a warm, hospitable atmosphere. The team at Young Red Angus looks forward to welcoming all visitors to this year’s sale.

The Young Red Angus 5th Annual Bull Sale promises to be an event not to be missed. A unique blend of prime genetics, modern technologies, and traditional values await all who attend.

We invite all those interested in improving their herd’s genetic potential or simply wanting to experience a premier cattle event, to mark their calendars. For more information on the sale and viewing arrangements, please visit our website or contact our team directly.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your herd with Red Angus bulls that have been developed for stamina, strength, and longevity. Join us at our Bull Sale Event and take your breeding program to new heights!

Date: Opens at 1 pm on March 27th, Closes at 1 pm on March 28th

Location: Greeley County Fairgrounds, Tribune, Kansas (Viewing from 9 am on March 28th) and at the Farm (Before March 28th)

For more information and to RSVP, please contact us at [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you at the sale!

Best regards,

Jay Young
Young Red Angus
Phone: 620-376-8593
Email: [email protected]

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