Red Angus Excellence: Your Guide to the 2024 Bull Sale

Welcome to a Year of Exceptional Red Angus Bulls: The 2024 Bull Sale Awaits!

As we enter 2024, we are excited for the upcoming bull sale – a showcase of Red Angus excellence. At Young Red Angus, our heart beats for crafting a legacy in the world of high-quality, performance-driven bovine genetics.

Invest in More Than Just a Bull: Secure Your Future with Red Angus

Our journey has been steadfast in curating a program that epitomizes the strength and reliability of our Red Angus bulls. Choosing a bull from Young Red Angus is an investment in your herd’s future. It’s about bringing genetics that promise thriving replacement heifers and enduring profitability.

Beyond the Purchase: A Commitment to Lasting Quality

We stand by a philosophy that transcends the initial allure of purchase day. Our bulls are a testament to consistent performance, designed to eliminate the pitfalls of transient success. They are the cornerstone of a lineage that uplifts future generations.

The Backbone of Our Program: Cows with Exceptional Traits

Central to our ethos is the elevation of the cow. We seek cows with impeccable structural integrity, outstanding mobility, and resilience. These are cows that excel in rearing calves, maintain robust health, and display a calm demeanor, contributing to a stress-free environment.

A Trusted Origin: Where Well-Being Meets Performance

Every bull in our 2024 sale originates from a lineage where cow welfare and performance are paramount. Our commitment is to provide you with Red Angus bulls that are a product of meticulous selection and care.

We are eager to unveil more about our 2024 bull sale offerings. Join us in embracing a sale that celebrates the essence of Red Angus.

Warm regards,
Jay Young
Young Red Angus

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