Press Release: Young Red Angus 5th Annual Bull Sale

The esteemed Young Red Angus is thrilled to invite all to their much-awaited 5th Annual Bull Sale. This premier event, known for showcasing top-tier Red Angus bulls, is set to transpire later this season.

Noted for its superior livestock quality, Young Red Angus offers buyers unparalleled genetic superiority. Their dedication to ethical breeding practices has earned them a distinguished spot in the cattle industry.

Sale Preview

This year’s sale will present an outstanding collection of both yearling and two-year-old Red Angus bulls. Carefully selected for calving ease, performance, and carcass merit, these bulls represent the pinnacle of Young Red Angus’ breeding program.

Accompanied by comprehensive performance data and genomic-enhanced EPDs, each bull epitomizes the superior breeding strategy that the ranch employs. This annual sale presents a unique opportunity for cattle breeders to invest in high-grade genetics and elevate their herd’s quality.

Unwavering Quality

Young Red Angus prides itself on cultivating cattle that prosper in diverse environments. Their animals are selectively bred for adaptability, robustness, and high-quality beef production. The bulls slated for this year’s sale are no exception.

Boasting tried-and-true pedigrees and exceptional phenotypes, these bulls are equipped to augment any herd’s genetic strength. Young Red Angus’ stringent health protocols ensure that all sale bulls are primed to perform optimally.

Leading the Industry

Young Red Angus proudly wears its badge of leadership within the cattle industry. The ranch consistently raises the bar in terms of quality, sustainability, and herd performance.

Their successful annual bull sale reflects this unwavering commitment. This event not only caters to buyers but also provides a positive contribution to the broader cattle industry.

Balancing Tradition with Technology

While traditional breeding practices form the backbone of Young Red Angus’ operation, the ranch has also embraced cutting-edge technologies to bolster their program. The use of genomic testing and artificial insemination serves to maximize genetic potency.

The resulting line of bulls is the perfect fusion of age-old breeding practices and contemporary technological advancements. This hybrid approach breeds bulls that are the epitome of excellence in the cattle industry.

More than Just a Sale

The annual bull sale transcends a simple purchase opportunity; it’s an occasion that brings together a community of ranchers, breeders, and cattle aficionados.

Apart from the sale proceedings, guests will be treated to a genuine ranch experience replete with warm hospitality. The Young Red Angus team eagerly awaits to welcome all visitors to this year’s sale.

The Young Red Angus 5th Annual Bull Sale promises to be an event worth attending. A confluence of prime genetics, advanced technologies, and time-honored values awaits all attendees.

We welcome those keen on boosting their herd’s genetic potential or those who wish to partake in a premier cattle event, to mark this occasion in their calendars. For further details on the sale and viewing arrangements, please visit our website or contact our team directly.

Date: Opens at 1 pm on March 27th, Closes at 1 pm on March 28th

Location: Greeley County Fairgrounds, Tribune, Kansas (Viewing from 9 am on March 28th) and at the Farm (Before March 28th)

For more information and to RSVP, please contact us at [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you at the sale!

Best regards,

Jay Young
Young Red Angus
Phone: 620-376-8593
Email: [email protected]

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