How do you want your bulls developed?

At Young Red Angus, we take a unique approach to developing bulls. The number one job a bull has is breeding. No one wants to purchase a bull, get him home, have him lose a ton of weight, and not be able to breed. 

Our program is focused on bulls being able to do their job efficiently.

To keep our bulls in shape, we give our bulls 160 acres of Cover Crops to graze on. They get lush, green triticale, turnips and radishes, and a stockpile summer cover crop mix of Sudan grasses, millets, sorghums, and sunflowers. 

Giving the bulls this much room to roam gives us the ability to develop bulls that going to be in excellent breeding conditions for our customers.

To ensure that those forges last all winter long, we supplement the bulls with 15 pounds a day of silage, hay, and rolled corn.

This balanced diet increases our bulls’ chances of being successful when they arrive at your ranch.   

Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 30, for the bull sale, get signed up to bid through DVauction, and continue to visit for more information. 

I look forward to seeing you at the sale.

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