Buy Back Program

Young Red Angus wants to buy back its customers calves. In doing so here are some of the criteria we use when selecting our customers calves.

Vaccination Protocol

2 Doses of 7 way. Once at branding and the other 2-4 weeks prior to shipping

2 Doses of triangle 5 or Vira Shild 6 once at branding and the other prior to shipping.

Parasite control optional

 FCCP Tags

Wherever you sell your calves at you want to be utilizing the Red Angus FCCP tags.   In a 5 year study calves tagged with the FCCP tag received an average of $2.98 per hundredweight compared to red angus calves that were not tagged. Young Red Angus will be purchasing customers calves every October-November that have the FCCP tags.

To purchase FCCP tags for your calves go to


Time Frame

Young Red Angus buys their customer’s calves from October to November.  We offer a completive bid based on local markets.  

Customers with calves available are more than welcome to market on our home page. Contact Jay 620-376-8593 if you would like to market calves on the site.

We’ve purchased two bulls so far from this hard working crew! Our first bull was purchased as a heifer bull for our first-calf heifers last year and we were quite pleased – we didn’t have to pull a calf one! We are excited to see how the second bull we purchased from Young Red Angus performs – those gals are due mid-February. We also value the customer relationship – which is something we take very seriously and so does Young Red Angus.

The Lobmeyers

Young Red Angus
558 Road D
Tribune KS 67879

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