Our Story

Our History

The Youngs have been farming in Greeley County, Kansas since 1906. They have a long history with cattle and raising stockers since the 1940s.  Cattle has always been a passion for Jay and Jerry.  As a kid, Jay always wanted to have a cow/calf operation but with limited grass in Greeley County this dream seemed  impossible.   However in 2016 with the emergence of cover crops in the farming industry a dream was born.  With a lot of research Jay came up with a plan to raise cattle year round on cover crops.   The Youngs bought their first pairs from Harms Plainview Ranch and were given the opportunity to be a cooperator with Kravig Red Angus in 2017.  In March of 2020 Young Red Angus had their first annual production sale. 

Our Program

Young Red Angus is at the forefront of raising cattle on cover crops in Western Kansas.  Our cows are on cover crops from March-October.  From October-February they feed on cornstalks, milostalk, or a summer cover crop mix, depending on availability.  Solid functional cows are the cornerstone of our program.  We focus on moderate wide body dames that have good feet, udders and legs with a gentle disposition.  We want our cows to last and produce calves with exceptional carcass merit.   We calve on a 45-50 day window to insure we keep our most fertile females in production.  This insures our customers are getting bulls out of cows that are proving their worth. 

Young Red Angus
558 Road D
Tribune KS 67879

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